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gilligan! .... rico suave!

Bravo Sam and Greg!

Wilkee and I watched the first half of the play in the auditorium, got up for both intermissions and then spent the rest of the night in the control room. It was pretty cool in there. His video teacher seems like a nice guy. After we talked to Sam, Hiva, Rico Suave and KT's brother then left for Newbury Comics where I bought two CDs. Flaming Lips and new Coheed, which seems to have caused a problem! It goes like this..

$12 I have in my wallet - $20 Coheed/Thursday/Thrice ticket = -$8

Yeah which means I need 8 bucks to get Angelo's ticket for him for tomorrow night like I so nicely agreed to do. SOMEONE COME GET ME TOMORROW SO I CAN LEAVE AND TELL MUM THAT I NEED MONEY FOR LUNCH AND THEN I'LL HAVE 20. Oh damn.

Hm I really want to go tomorrow night.

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