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lets get to know each other
[1] name? - heather
[2] age? - 16
[3] sign? - taurus
[4] single or taken? - taken

[5] do you have a crush? - yes
[6] do you have a chance? - well, obviously..
[7] have you ever been in love? - yeuh
[8] how many times have you fallen in love? - uno
[9] do you believe in love? - uh huh
[10] do you believe in fate? - ehhh not really

the past
[11] how many relationships have you been in? - er, well four i guess.. but two of them were one week things
[12] did you love any of them? - just one
[13] are you stuck on anybody? - like glue.. OHHHH
[14] mind telling us who? - angelo, duh
[15] regret anything from the past? - not really
[16] do you miss any exes? - nope sorry
[17] do you hate any exes? - can't say that i do
[18] describe your worst relationship - i guess the one week ones were all right.. but i ended both of them, and i felt like a bitch after.. i haven't really had enough to have a "worst"
[19] describe your best relationship - aw angelo
[20] would you want any of them (exes) back? - no dice

the present
[21] are you currently taken? - for sure
[22] if yes, how's it going? - stupendous
[23] do you think your current single or taken status will last long? - aw i hope
[24] do you like being single/taken? - i heart it
[25] do you want your status to change? - no way jose
[26] do you want anybody? - what i want is for driver's ed to end so i don't have to wait til next Sunday to see angelo again
[27] are you obsessed with anybody? - that's kinda creepy

the future
[28] can you ever stay commited? - yeah sure
[29] do you ever think you could marry? - why not?
[30] do you have any plans with your mate for the future? - we've planned as far as... next Sunday when we'll hang out again. planning for the way way future is weird.

I made 15 bucks today doing yardwork, yay.

What does everyone want for christmas? If I don't get a comment, you don't get a present. So get commenting.
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