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Did you just lick me?

Wednesday: English, History then pep rally. Then I came home and Caitlin, Sarah and Brooke came and got me and we went into Boston for the day/night. A+ for peppermint hot chocolate from Starbucks and new clothes.

Thanksgiving: Helped mom make food, then ate at 1:30.. then napped from 2:30-4:30.. then sat around until about 9 when Jeff and I decided that we were really bored so he came and picked me up and we drove around milford and hopedale for exactly 1 hour listening music and looking for an open dunkin donuts, but we couldn't find one.

Today: Woke up at 7 with cramps times 10 then laid awake til dad got home from work at like 7:30 and made him give me advil then I slept til 11:30, woke up, made plans with Angelo, cleaned the bathroom, showered and spent the rest of my day at 25 Main Street. <3

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Ok I'm hungry so I'm gonna make a thanksgiving sandwich, sit online for another hour or so while I eat it.. then go to bed cause the turkey will put me to sleep. Goodnight. :)
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