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and the time is now eighteen minutes past the hour

001. name : heather adele caouette
002. nicknames : heath, heava, radz0rz H
003. sex : she
004. birthday : the second day in may
005. age : 16.58
006. star sign : taurus
007. place of birth : brigham and women's
008. current residence: holliston
009. hair color : dahk brown
010. eye co lour : darkgreenishbrown
011. height : 5'3" says the nurse at the school 5'2" says the nurse at the doctor
012. writing hand : righty tighty

013. do you bite your nails : i'm trying to quit
014. can you roll your tongue : i don't think i know anyone who can't
016. can you raise one eyebrow at a time : haha yes
017. can you blow smoke rings: i bet i could if i smoked
018. can you blow spit bubbles : uh huh
019. can you cross your eyes: no and it's wicked pathetic when i try
020. colored hair: never again
021. tattoos and where : nope
022. piercing and where : none at all :(
023. do you make your bed daily : that's pointless
024. what goes on first bra or underwear : hmm underwear
025. which shoe goes on first : left
036. speaking of shoes, have you thrown one at someone : i sure have
037. how much money is usually in your wallet? : right now there's $60!!! but usually.. $8 i'd say
038. what jewelry do you wear 24/7: puerto rico bracelet, cladder ring, love ring, mom's weird blue thing ring and a bottle cap bracelet
039. whats sexiest on a guy/girl: hoodies
040. ________________(blank)
041. would you rather be on time and look ok or late and look great : late and look great
042. do you twirl your spaghetti or cut it : twirl nig
043. how many cereals are in your cabinet : 3 gross ones
044. what utensils do you use eating pizza : my hands
045. do you cook : i try sometimes

046. how often do you brush your teeth : the person who did this survey before me only brushed their teeth once a day. 2.
047. how often do you shower/bathe : once a day, sometimes two if i'm bored
048. how long do these showers last : 15 minutes in the morning before school.. 30 any other time
049. hair drying method : hair dryer then straightener
050. do you paint your nails : they're painted right now
051. do you swear : not that much, but yeah sometimes
052. do you mumble to yourself : uhh
053. do you spit in public : in boston caitlin, sarah, brooke and i were spitting at the ducks and they were eating it.. hahah
054. ________________(blank)
055. the cd player : i don't groom my cd player
056. person you talk most on the phone with: no one i never talk on the phone, 5084294642 CALL ME
057. what color is your bedroom : white with some orange spots cause i'm indecisive
058. do you use an alarm clock : yep i have to
059. name one thing or person you're obsessed with: i'm obsessed with clothes and a boy
060. have you ever skinny dipped with the opposite sex : nooope
061. ever sunbathed in the nude: half
062. window seat or aisle : depends whos on the other side of the aisle
063. whats your sleeping position: on my belly
064. what kind of bed do you like : i like my bed
065. in hot weather do you use a blanket : yes i have to
066. do you snore : nope
067. do you sleepwalk : nope
068. do you talk in your sleep : i bet i do sometimes
069. do you sleep with a stuffed animal : dinosaaaur
070. how about the light on : if I'm napping, but not at night
071. do you fall asleep with the tv or radio on : cd, tv if i'm on the couch

072. had sex : no dice babe
073. were kissed or kissed someone : laaaaast night
074. watched bambi : a long long time ago
075. cried : uhhh?
076. talked on the phone : not recentlyyy
077. read a book : last night cause angelo made me feel bad about not finishing ishmael
078. punched someone : in elb sometime

079. is music important to you : i heart it
080. do you sing? : i sing along to songs
082. what do you think of Eminem : what a wig
083. what is one band/singer you absolutely love that no one else does or seems to have heard about : well, my friends know of all the bands i listen to.. but a lot of the other kids don't
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